Perspective | The genesis | Concept | Objective | Type of Institute | Distinctiveness


1. Perspective:

Professional Education is one of the most significant component of human resource development with great potential for contributing to the natural economy and improving the quality of life of the people. "Vivekanand Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay" launched Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and B.S.T.C. programme in fulfillment of the solemn desired of the society to provide excellent education.

2. The Genesis:

The college has been founded by "Indira Gandhi smiriti Shikshan  sansthan  society" Gram. Suroth, Tehsil. Hindaun City, Dist. Karauli, Rajasthan. Which is a voluntary non profit organization registered under Raj society registration Act 1958.

3. Concept:

The institute is conceived as a unique growth oriented institute of professional education. The institute proposed launch with the solemn objective of catering to the education needs of large number of girls and Boys. The uniqueness of the institutes lies in its  promise of providing elaborate infrastructure & instructional facilities for professional education on the job training, university examination, emphasis on quality education, effective personality development and building of cultural and moral values.

4. Objectives:

The objective for which the institute is established are:

  • To provide Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) with intake for girls and Boys and other programme, B.S.T.C.

  • To provide institutional infrastructure and Instructional facilities for training, research, personality development of girls and Boys. To promote entrepreneurial, self supporting  man & woman making educated.

  • To inculcate self reliance, social and environment awareness among girls and Boys and encourage them to adopt holistic approach in professional pursuits.

  • Proposed programme of B.A B.ed / B.ed integrated course of four year from session 2017-18.

5. Type Of Institute:

The Institute is enjoys the status of a  Institute. It is a private no granted organization and will be working on the principle of self-financing. Necessary infrastructure facilities and initial financial support has been provided by the foundation society "Indira Gandhi smiriti Shikshan  sansthan  society".

6. Distinctiveness:

A critical and integrated component of our education strategy is a help the girls and Boys enrich their mind, body and sprit cognizant of the limitations of a structured curriculum and the need to provide the girls and Boys input for the intellectual, moral and social development, the enrichment programmed aims at helping them widen their horizons of knowledge and develop abilities and skills of a professional and a responsible citizen.

7. Our Other Institute:
Under the "Indira Gandhi smiriti Shikshan  sansthan  society". we are run

1. Indira Gandhi Ser. Sec. School Suroth
2. Indira Gandhi smiriti School Suroth
2. Indira Gandhi smiriti Balika Upper Primary School Suroth

7. B.S.T.C. College